Show And Tell | Ladybug Goes To School Read Aloud Book For Kids

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Ladybug made a wish to go to school with Patch and Caper. The Pixie Bros. surprise with Ladybug with a day at school as their show and tell share. Ladybug goes to show and tell at school and the class loves her! This is a read aloud story book for kids. Please Subscribe. New videos weekly Children will love watching and learning with Gma Lolly and her friends from Taradiddle Forest. Gma Lolly supports a calm, inviting, and safe place to learn. Young children from the ages 2-5 years old will enjoy the predictable structure of the show. Gma Lolly uses her book, Gma Lolly’s Taradiddle Forest Stories to introduce the theme of the week with the help of Taradiddle’s friendly and whimsical forest creatures. Love, compassion, respect, acceptance, and expressing one's individuality are some of Gma Lolly's favorite things. Everyone is welcome to visit! Hugs Gma Lolly


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