METEORITE MINING LIVESTREAM!! ROAD TO 90!! Cosmic Prisons -Sovereign Planet 4-

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====================================================== Thanks for Watching, Hope you enjoyed! :D ====================================================== Helpful Links: - Stream Donation Link: - Discord Username: Sal#5558 - My Official Discord: - Texture Pack link: ====================================================== Feel free to call or message me suggestions on discord always! ====================================================== Related Server IPs: Cosmic Prisons IP: CosmicPvP IP: Clash of Islands IP: Coming Soon... Hypixel IP: ====================================================== Normal Stream Times for Cosmic Prisons Sovereign Map 4: **Note - Only applies for the beginning of the planet!** Monday-Thursday: 4:00pm - 9:00pm EST Friday: 4:00pm - 11:00pm EST Saturday: 10:00am - 11:00pm EST Sunday: 10:00am - 9:00pm EST ====================================================== COPYRIGHT INFO: ♫ Song(s) In Video &/or Stream: Song(s) In Stream: **NCS (NoCopyRightSounds)** - **TheFatRat** - - The Calling (feat. Laura Brehm) - Monody (feat. Laura Brehm) - Fly Away feat. Anjulie - Unity **TheFatRat & Tasty Records** - Xenogenesis - Windfall - Trap Nation - Copyright Info : All the music you've heard in this video is not mine, nor do I claim to own it. Full credit towards the producers and performer of the music. The music was used for entertainment purposes only. -NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED- EVERYTHING BELONGS TO ITS RESPECTED OWNERS. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC USED IN THIS VIDEO. ======================================================


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