Birthday of Superhero Babies Elsa Frozen 🍼 Spider man, Hulk & Frozen Play Doh Cartoons For Kids

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At superhero babies birthday party, elsa and spiderman argue what to buy, maybe a Teddy bear or play doh tape recorder, and maybe a dry pool play doh. children superhero are happy, they have a dry pool with a bunch of colorful balls, children played all day and scattered all the balls around the house, who will clean? of course Elsa's mom, who bought Bassey. Very funny video in the style of stop motion. What's it? It seems that Elsa has poor eyesight, urgently to the doctor to prescribe glasses, the doctor can not find suitable and finally gives Elsa giant glasses, a very fun video for children. See the whole family fun and good cartoons about the characters from play doh clay.