Prithibir Joto Sukh | পৃথিবীর যত সুখ | Sahed & Mim | Sabina Yasmin & Andrew Kishore | Music Video

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Subscribe Now: Welcome to Anupam Movie Songs channel. Watch Popular Bangla Movie Songs, Old Bangla Movie Songs, Anupam provide nonstop entertainment. Song: Prithibir Joto Sukh Singer: Sabina Yasmin & Andrew Kishore Lyrics & Music: Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul Category: Music Video Starring: Sahed & Mim Video Direction by: Mynul Hassan Khokon Movie: Sohojatri Label: Anupam Copyright & Distributed By Anupam Recording Media Visit our Official site: To Set This Song As Caller Tune Please Use Below Mentioned Code: Ringback Tunes Can Be Set By SMS with only 1 setup: GP Type WT 7293877 and SEND TO 4000 ROBI Type GET 7293877 and SEND TO 8466 AIRTEL Type CT 7293877 and SEND TO 3123 B. Link Type DOWN7293877 and SEND TO 2222 TELETALK Type TT 7293877 and SEND TO 5000 Also, Find us on Social Media: G+ Anupam: Facebook Page: Twitter Official: #BanglaMovieSong #banglasong #banglavideosong #OldMovieSongs #moviesongsbangla #banglapopularsong #PopularBnaglaSong


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