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When Martha eats alphabet soup, the letters go to her brain and she develops the ability to talk. // Helen’s cousin Carolina is a little bit older but a lot more fashion-conscious. Helen tries to take her advice, even though she’s pretty happy with how she looks already. ► Subscribe to Martha Speaks! Welcome to the official Martha Speaks channel on YouTube! Where you can watch full episodes of Martha Speaks and special compilations. The series stars Martha, a beloved family dog, who is accidentally fed alphabet soup, giving her the power of speech and the chance to speak her mind to anyone that will listen. Each episode features two 11-minute stories, which showcase Martha’s newfound linguistic abilities and the hilarious consequences—all with a goal of engaging kids and expanding their vocabulary. 🐶🗣 Meet the Characters 🐶🗣 🐶🗣➡️ Martha Lorraine - Martha is a talking dog that was born an energetic stray and was put in the dog pound as a puppy. In "Martha's Life of Crime", she explains that before Helen adopted her that a pair of bumbling thieves (now revealed to be young Otis Weaselgraft and Ms. Bumblecrumb) tried to use her for crimes, but in the end she got them arrested and returned to the shelter, where Helen's family adopted her as the family pet. Martha gained the ability to talk after (accidentally) eating a bowl of alphabet soup; the letters in the soup went to her brain instead of her stomach, which was an event that couldn't be repeated with another dog, but Martha has to continue eating it to retain her ability to speak. "Martha's Worst Best Day" reveals that opening the can from the bottom will cause Martha to speak the opposite of what she means. Martha often sticks her nose in other people's business, trying to help, but sometimes accidentally causes trouble. "Truman and the Deep Blue Sea" reveals she had frequent carsickness when she was a puppy. She has had jobs as a telemarketer, a radio talk show host and firedog. In "Martha's Pickle" she mentioned that she still does her radio show from the episode "Martha Gives Advice". Despite her talk show, various community members seem surprised when Martha talks to them, or skeptical when someone mentions a talking dog. It is established in several episodes that she is a mutt. She has mentioned in multiple episodes she is part pit bull. 🐶🗣➡️ Skits Lorraine - Helen's other dog, who tried the same alphabet soup, but it did not make him talk. His history is not know that much, but he was found by T.D. but he can't keep Skits because his dad is allergic to dogs. Skits was first introduced in the episode "Martha and Skits", and his days as a puppy were expanded upon in "Martha Plays Favorites" and "Skits on Ice". Skits also had a history of misbehavior that started in "Martha Runs Away" and ends in "Skits Behaves". Skits has also been shown to be heroic, getting the fire department to help get Martha down from a tree in "Martha to the Rescue". Although he is bigger than Martha, Skits is younger than her. He also has brontophobia. He was once Windy McCloud's weather dog. 🐶🗣➡️ Helen Lorraine - Helen is Martha's and Skits' owner, who is ten years old, has red, short, and ruffled hair, and is usually the voice of reason of the group. Helen also is the closest to Martha and thinks of Martha as her best friend. Out of the six main kids, Helen is the most sensible. Despite this, she can be a bit overbearing and even show her mean side (as in "Martha Runs Away", where she scolded Martha for things she didn't do). She always hangs around this group of friends, but T.D is said to be her best human friend. Some signs indicate they may have crushes on each other. She is also the shyest of all her friends. 🐶🗣➡️ Tyrone Daniel "T.D." Kennelly - T.D. is Helen's best friend, and a fan of Professor Monkey. His father, O.G., is an inventor, while his mother is the vice-principal at his school. T.D.'s academic performance is quite underwhelming; he has admitted that every minute in school feels eternal, though there are some episodes where he is shown to get good grades. He also believes in the supernatural. He has a grandfather named C.K., who works as a farmhand, and also a younger cousin named C.D. T.D. also has an unnamed older sister, who has not made an appearance in the series because she's at college. T.D. has unruly blond hair, and almost always wears orange shorts with a blue and pale blue T-shirt with a picture of a tomato on the front. EP1